Blues & Soul 407 May 22-June 4, 1984

Cover/rear photo's: Frankie Beverly/ZZ Hill 1935-1984
Internal photo's: Second Image; Jermaine Jackson; Billy Ocean; Frankie Beverly; O'Jay's; Edwin Starr; Nona Hendryx; Brook Benton; Everything But The Girl; Terri Wells; Patrice Rushen (colour centre-fold); Lionel Richie; Jocelyn Brown; Steve Walsh; Tony Prince; Count Basie; Stevie Wonder.
Features: Jermaine Jackson; Frankie Beverly & Maze; Terri Wells; Edwin Starrs Marvin Gaye Tribute; Patrice Rushen; DJM DJ's news; Count Basie Tribute.
Live dates;news: Kenny G; Cameo; Sade; Mary Wells; Second Image; Kool & Gang; Drifters; Stevie Wonder; Bobby McFerrin; Fatback; Brass Construction; Casopea.
UK Soul Charts
Top 50 singles 1- Automatic - Pointer Sisters, 50- She's Strange - Cameo.
Top 40 albums: 1- Can't Show Down - Lionel Richie, 40- Talk To Me - Lew Kirton.
US Soul Charts
Top 100 singles: 1- Hello - Lionel Richie, 100- Encore - Cheryl Lyn.
Top 50 albums 1- Can't Sloe Down - Lionel Richie, 50- Believer - Chic.
Readers letters: Patrick Debrah (London SW1); Eddie Hudson (London N18); J Walker (Hoddersham); Mike Abberstien (Louth); Martin Ready (Milton Keynes); Pete Mate (Ipswich).
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Blues & Soul 405 April 24-May 7, 1984

Photo's: Front/back: Marvin Gaye & Mavin by Roger St. Pierre
Internal photo's: Jeffrey Osborne; Frankie Beverly; James Brown; Staple Singers; Lionel Ritchie; Carl Anderson; Luther Vandross; Chris Hill & Tony Blackburn; Loose Ends, Paul Hardcastle; Chaka Khan; Cameo; Raph Tee; Terri Wells; Terry Callier; Pointer Sisters; Loose Ends; Marvin Gaye & Sharon Davis; Bob Killbourne & Marvin Gaye; Marvin Gaye (colour centre-fold); Marvin & Bobby Gaye; Jeffrey Daniel; Essex DJ's;Stavros, Dave Gregory, Ian Reading, Keith Bonsoir; Tony Prine & Steve Ripley, Freeze & Edwin Starr; Mike Tefton; Phil Fearon & Adrean Sykes; Chris Dinnis.
Features: Narada Michael Waldon; Paul Hardcastle; Larry Blackmon & Cameo; Death Of Marvin Gaye; DJM (DJ News);
Live dates/news: Grandmaster Flash row with Sugarhill Records, Chuck Berry to tour in May, Frankie Beverly to produce acts, Philly Comeback?, Drifters, Jeffrey Osborne; Dennis Brown; Stevie Wonder; BB King; Dionne Warwick; Yellowman.
Advertisers: The Lyceum, London WC2,(Misty In Roots); ZTT Records (Art Of Noise); Atlantic Records (Detroit Spinners); Music Power Recors( Intrige single); Motown Records (Bobby Womack Poet II); Kings Country Club, Eastbourne (Easter All-Dayer, Froggy, Chris Hill, Tete Tong, Jeff Young, Sean French); Jifs Records, Romford, Essex; Music Power Records, Harringly N4; Flicks, Dartford, London (All-Niter, Robbie Vincent, Colin Hudd & John Rush); Panama Jax, Clydside, Glasgow (All-Dayer, Chris Hill Jeff Young, Kev Edwards, Billy Davidson); Swann & Sugarloaf, London SE1 (Bob Jones, Sean French, Jeff Young); Stage 3, Prominard, Leysdown, Sheppley ( Steve Walsh & Froggy); Raquels, Basildon (Robbie Vincent & Dave Gregory); Pink Toothbruth, Rayleigh, Essex (Jazz Funk Morrissey Mullen); Pillars, Kilmarnock, (Kenny Mcleod 8 years); Daddy Warbucks, Glasgow (Jack Cummings); Kisses Nightspot, Peckham, London (all-dayer Frenchie & Jim Colvin); Zero 6, Southend (Tony Blackburn Dave Brown & Ian Reading); Slickers, Peterborough (Johnathon, Stev Allen, DJ Munch, Kev Kingham); Wigan Pier, Wigan (Kev Edwards Chad Jackson Billy) (various DJM adds for disco gear)
UK Soul Charts
Top 50 singles 1- Hello - Lionel Richie, 50- Late at Night - George Benson.
Top 50 albums: 1- Change Of Heart - Change, 50- Back up against The Wall - Rare Essence.
US Soul Charts
Top 100 singles: 1- She's Strange - Cameo, 100- Jealousy - Mary Jane Girls.
Top 100 albums: 1- Busy Body - Luther Vandross, 100- Fill Up The Night - Sadao Watanabe.
Readers letters: Jo Lyon (Burnum-on-sea); John Buddle ; Pete Jones (Portsland, Essex); Jim Power (Scotland); Scott Taylor (Perthshire); Mr R Baid (Slough, Berks); David Foley (London); David Darby (Chells, Stevanage); Robert Davey (Bristol)
Dave Godin: none
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Blues & Soul 183 March 9, 1976 (Weekley)

Writers: Sharron Davis, Dave Godin, Frank Elson, Bob Kilbourne, Ron Tabor, David Nathan (USA), Billy Pearce & Steve Manning (USA), Gof Abbey-data sheets.
Cover/rear photo's: The Spinners & B&S 10th Anniversary Concert
Internal photo's: Spinners, Philippe Wynn Etta James & Muhamad Ali, Hugh Masekela, Ronnie Laws, Stairsteps & George Harrison, Stairsteps & Cubie, Florence Ballard, Brass Construction (colour center-fold)+ Wayne, Larry, Randy, Joe, Michael, Morris, Jesse, Wade, shots); Johnnie Taylor, Andy Peebles, Pete Jurgens, Dave Evison Allen Soul, DJ Billy Paul, Terry Scott, Chris Harler, Frank Elson, Gil Scott Heron, Lloyd Price.
Features: Stairsteps, Hugh Masekela, Ronnie Laws, The Spinners, Florence Ballard Tribute.
Live dates/news: Real Thing, Toots & Maytals, Drifters, Chairmen Of The Board, Osibisa, Miracles, Fats Domino, Stylistics, Gloria Gaynor, Bobby Womack, The Tymes, Diana Ross, Major Lance. Bob Marley dates & new album, Womack date cancelled, Al Green dates changed again, Brass Construction at Barbarella's, Birmingham.
Advertisers: Atlantic (Spinners albums); United Artists (Brass Construction); University Rec. Centre, Walsall (Pep, Steve Russell, Mick Flello, Noel Tilley; New Bouncing Ball Club Peckham, London SE 15, (Chosen Few, Sharon Forrester, Chants + DJ Admiral Ken); Kudu Records( Ron Caster & Grover Washington Jr); Magnet Records (Silver Convention); Wigan Casino, Wigan (Every Sat. nite & Sun morning, Russ Richard & guest Martyn Ellis, Dave Evison, Keith Minshall, Alan Rhodes, Billy Paul, Alan, Kenny ); Peterborough (Major Lance & John Vincent); Cat's Whiskers Oldham, (AL-Dater - Chicago Steam Machine, Evelyn Thomas, LJ Johnson & Barbara Pennington); St. Ivo Rec Centre, St. Ives (Soul Sam, Ginger & Eddie, Brian Rae, Smudge & Tony Dellar, Live show Chicago Soul Show); Blues and Soul 10th Anniversary (Grover Washington Jr, Esther Phillips & Miracles).
UK Soul Charts
Top 100 singles: 1- Spanish Hustle - Fatback Band, 100- Hot Lava - Disc-Tex.
Top 50 albums: Raisin' Hell - Fatback Band, 50- Jealousy - Major Harris.
US Soul Charts
Top 100 singles: 1- Disco Lady - Johnny Taylor, 100- We are Gonna Make It - Roger Hatcher.
Top 65 albums: 1- Brass Construction - Same, 65- City Of Angels - Miracles.
Readers letters: Stephen Pinhorn, (Dorrington, Sussex); Tony Matthews (Ilford, Bournemouth); Bedra Best, (Bolton); RA Hider (Torquay); Randy Cozens (Enfield, Middlesex); Barrie Reader (London).
Dave Godin Column: "Keeping The Faith - In Fact and Theory", reviews Roger Hatcher 'Were Gonna Make It" 4 star, & Jean Plumb 'Look at The boy' 5 star. Eddie Drennon- Let's Do The Latin Hustle quote: "Total Emasculated Garbage" 1 star. Tribute to Flo Ballard.
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Blues & Soul 170 September 30-October 13, 1975

Cover/rear photo's: Smokey Robinson & Natalie Cole
Internal photo's: Smokey Robinson, Earth Wind & Fire, Commodores, Tommy Hunt, Fantastic Four, Kay Gees, 66 soul badges, Doris Duke, Faith Hope & Charity, Be E King, Nikki Giovanni, Fatback Band, Al Green (colour centre-fold), Peoples Choice, Patti Labelle & Bluebells, Disco-Tex.
Features: Smokey Robinson, Earth Wind & Fire, Commodores, Fanstastic Four, Kay-Gees, Labelle.
Live dates/news: George McCrae, BT Express, Matha Reeves, Linda Carr & Love Squad, Platters, Freddie King, Chi Lites, Fatback Band, Four tops & Blue Magic, James Brown & Fred Wesley & JB's & Lynn Colins, Drifters, Tymes, Jackie Wilson, Eddie Holman.
Adverisers: Hamersmith Odeon (Fatback Band, Drifters, BT Express & Four Tops); Polydor Records (Fatback Band single); Magnet Records (Susan Cadogan, Silver Convention & JALN Band); Spark Records (Tommy Hunt Cracked Up); Inter City Soul Convention, Blackpool; International Soul Club Bages; Contempo Records (Doris Duke LP); Wigan Casino, Wigan (Billy Butler Live & sat soul nites); California Ballroom Dunstable (Georg McCra, BT Express, The Tymes, Blue Magic & Four Tops); New Victoria Theatre, London SW1 (Freddie King & Clancy); Middle Earth, Matlock (Footsie baggies); DeMontford Hall, Leicester (all-niter & Billy Butler); Yate Ent. Centre, Bristol (All-Niter), Cats Whisker, Meanwood, Leeds (All-dayer); Methuen Paperbacks, (The Soul Book); West Midland Soul Club, Castle Hall, Bridgenorth (Steve Russell & Mick Flollo), The Palais, Nottingham (Soul Sam, Hector, Steve Russell & Mick Flello), Tiffany's Halesowen (Billy Butler); Insiders, Bolton (shirts, shoes & trousers); Cat's Whiskers, Meanwood, Leeds (all-niter John Vincent, Pep, Tony & PSCR); Magee, Crewe (Shirts, Trousers); Chesire Soul Club 'Chants', Memorial Hall, Nantwich (Bernie O'Brian).
UK Soul Charts
Top 100 singles: 1- Yum Yum - Fatback Band, 100- You brought It On Yourself - Barbara Hall.
Top 40 albums: 1- Yum Yum - Fatback Band, 60- Just Another Way To Say I Love You - Barry White.
US Soul Charts
Top 100 singles: Games People Play - Spinners, 100- Do The Choo Choo - Jack Ashford.
Top 65 albums: Is It Something I Said - Richard Prior, 65- Action Speaks Louder Than Words - Chocolate Milk.
Readers letters: Mrs. B. Newton (Ashton-Under-Lyne); Kev Hill (Burntwood, Essex); Richard Andrew (Abergale, Clwyd); John A. Bratton (Selactadisc, Nottingham).
Frank Elson: "How Northern Soul Got On Radio One".
Dave Godin Column: ""Northern Soul" Is Dead! Long Live Soul Music!"
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Blues & Soul 164 July 8-21, 1975

Cover/rear photo's: Chaka Khan, Linda Carr.
Internal photo's: Rufus, Jerry Butler, Linda Carr, New Birth + 6 stage shots, Tammi Lynn, 5th Dimention, Yvonne Fair, Chris Bartley, Al Green, Jackson 5, Janet Jackson, Be E King, The Natuaral Four, Van McCoy, Impressions, New Birth (colour centre fold), Barrett Strong, Billy Cobham, Irma Thomas, George Porter, Professor Longhair, Ernie K-Doe, Ann Byers, Brecker Brothers, Moment Of Truth, Ernie Bush, Stylistics.
Features: Rufus, Jerry Butler, Linda Carr & Broken Hearts, New Birth, Yvonne Fair, Barrett Stong, Billy Cobham, 6th New Orleans Jazz Festival, Ernie Bush, Moment Of Truth.
Live Dates/News: Stylistics, Drifters, KC & Sunshine Band, Jr Walker, Hamilton Bohannon, Edwin Starr, The Tymes, Earth Wind & Fire, The Chi Lites.
Advertisers: Epic Records (Biddu Orchestra); Bradleys Records (Debbie Fleming & AIE A Mwana); Pye Disco Demand (Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown); Contempo/Pye Records (Escorts & Barbara Jean English, JJ Barnes, Ernie Bush Rita Da Costa); Pye/Stax (Temprees 'At Last', Jimmy Thomas, Madame); Wigan Casino (Every Sat Nite Russ Winstanley & Richarand Searling); Heart Of England Soul Club-Royal Hotel, Walsall,Ritz, Manchester, Tiffany's, Coleville; Phoenix Soul Club, Wirrina Stadium, Peterborough (Dave Evison, Ginger & Eddie Jona Spena, Smuge); Tiffany's, Aston-Under-Lyne (All-Dayer-Richard Searling, John Vincent, Billy Paul, Vave Evison); Henry Sellers presents-Stylistics (California Ballroom, Dunstable); 100 Club, London (Greg Edwards); Kellingley Social Centre (DJ's Arthur & Dipper); Bar Sinster,London (Chris St John & Alan Prince); Centre Hotel, Leicester? (All-dayer Ian Levine, Johnny Manship, Mick Flello, Paul Rudzitis); Crackers Disco, London W1 (DJ Roman); Cosmo Club Carlisle, New Carlton Club, Warrington, Jesters Club Mexborough, The Raven Whitchurch (Soul Sam); Magee Postal Boutique Bolling Shirts, Baggies, Bombers, Hawaiian Shirts.
UK Soul ChartsTop 60 singles: 1- Van McCoy - The Hustle, 60- Save Me - Silver Bird Convention.
Top 40 albums: 1- The Best Of The Stylistics, 40- Danger High Voltage - Betty Wright.
US Soul ChartTop 100 Singles: 1- Slippery When Wet - Commodores, 100- Just You & Me - Tamiko Jones.
Top 65 albums: 1- The Heat Is On - Isley Brothers, 60- Out Among Them - Love Child's Afro Cuban Blues Band.
Dave Godin Column (4 pages!): "A Fortnight In The Live Of A Soul Writer" , Time to listen to records properly, people complain about what is written, gossip in soul-circles, soul tapes illegal, Nosmo King.
Letters: Danny Smith (Northhampton); Tony Hodgkinson (Grimsby); Bob Mills; Tony Walker (Cheadle); Dereck Allen (Nottingham); P. Brough (Bromo - Stourbridge), Dave Harding (West Bromwich); Mick Stoppard (Lytham); Jack Wardle (Middlesbrough); Craig Wilson (Dunfermline); Tiny Gee (Harpenden); Steve Morris (Penkridge, Staffs); Malcolm Gocher (Malvern); DB Ennell (Huyton); Mick Greenaigh (West Honiton Reform Club).
Misc; Fran Elson The Leicester Soul Scene.
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Blues & Soul 136 June 4-17, 1974

Cover/rear photo's: Nina Simone/The Soul Children.
Internal photo's: Chi lites, The Independents, Quincy Jones, The Delfonics, The Escorts, Ecstasy, Pain & Passion, William Devaughn, Black Faith, Nina Simone, Scoggie, Frankie Ireland, Richard Parrot, Ocar Tony Jr.,Edwin Starr, Jr. Walker, Kool & Gang (colour centerfold), Big Youth, Quincy Jones, Fred Smith & Bill Cosby, New Birth, MouseTrap, Pointer Sisters,Mohammad Ali, Nina Simone's Mum.
Features: William DeVaughn, Ecstasy Passion & Pain, Montclairs, Chi Lites, Independents, Nina Simone, Escorts, Delfonics.
Advertisers: A&M Records (Quincy Jones LP); EMI/Motown Records (Marvin,Diana,Temps,Gladys LP's); All Sound Disco (DJ K Clarke); Old Kent Roadshow (Bob Goldney); Goldmine, Canvey Island (Soul nites with DJ Chris Hill); Contempo LP's; Blackpool Mecca (all-dayer), Carlton Club, Warrington (All-niter), Tiffany's, Newcastle (All-Dayer); Steam Machine, Hanley (Torch revival nite/ Edwin Starr live); Top Rank, Reading (Inez Foxx, Johnny Johnson, Mac & Katie Kissoon, De Hems), Reading Town Hall (Equals, Jimmy James, Tony Morgan); McLeod Holden Ent. (Limmie & Family Cooking dates); Weldmace Ltd., Management for Jimmy James; Welcome Inn, Blackpool (Ian Levine) Scoeys, Blackpool (Ian Lavine); Blackpool Mecca (Colin Curtis & Ian Lavine + Inez Foxx, Jimmy James & Real Thing); Samantha's Sheffield (Torch revival nite, Richard Searing Twink & John Vincent); Kirk Ogdens Auction Hall, Cambridge (Johnny Johnson); Stone Manor (West Midland Soul Club, Pep, Steve Russell, Joe Bragg, Basil, Soul Bros & Mick Flello) also Nautical William; Cock Club Essex Chris Hill; Sale Mecca, Sale (Ian Lavine Andy Hanley); Shades Of Green, Camberley Soul nite; Keighley Okeh Soul Club, Keighley (Dj's Pete & Greenie); Hunstan Comm Hall, Cheshire (soul nite).
UK Soul Charts
Top 60 singles: 1- R Dean Taylor - There's A Ghost In My House, 60- Leon Haywood - Keep It In The Family.
Top 30 albums: 1- Superbad VA, 30- The Last Time I Saw Him - Diana Ross.
UK Reggae Chart
Top 20 singles: 1- Here I Am - Al Brown, 20- Tenderness - Ginger Williams.
Top 10 albums: 1- Fab Five Inc. - Fab Five, 10- Darling Ooh - Errol Dunkley.
US Soul chart
Top 100 singles: 1- Hollywood Swinging - Kool & The Gang, 100- Sweet Loving Woman - Garland Green.
Top 60 albums: 1- Let Me In Your Life - Aretha Franlin, 60- Anthology - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles.
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Blues & Soul 141 August 13-26, 1974

Cover/rear photo's: Wilson Pickett/Johnny Bristol.
Internal photo's: Wilson Pickett/Japan Airlines, Johnny Bristol, Billy Preston with Shoulder Keyboards, Fred Wesley, Hues Corporation, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Ohio Players, Don Covey, Blackberries & Vanetta Fields, The Joneses, Chris Hill, DJ Barry Kingston, Steve Ferris Brad Dange, Chris Hall, The Scotgate in Stanford, Jerry Louie & Poke, Andy Peebles & Wes Marchant at Piccadilly Radion, Wigan bages (Keep Faith & Heart Of Soul), Gladys Knight & Pips (Colour centerfold), The O'jays, Staples, Diana Ross, BB King, Gladys Knight signs autographs, Ed Townsend, Willie Hutch, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy James.
Features: Wilson Pickett,Rufus,Johnny Briston, Fred Wesley, Blackberries, Ed Townsend.
Live dates/news: None.
Advertisers: Ukrainian Club, Halifax 'Soul Nite'; Maison Royale, Bournemouth 'soul nite';A&M Billy Preston Tour; Contempo 'We Have Ways Of Making You Dance'; Mercury Don Covey & Ohio Players; Pye albums, Top Of The World, Stafford (Mondays with Keith Minshull & Kev Roberts); Wigan Casino (All-Niter with Exciters); Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury 'soul nite'; Reading Top Rank (All-Dayer); Nantwich Civic (Ben E King & Northern nite); Whitchurch Civic Centre (All-Dayer Soul Sam, Ian Lavine, Colin Curtis, Gary Powell); Tony Betheridge (T-Shirts & Bages); Intro City Soul Club, Shrewsbury/Club 67 Wolverhampton Ben E King Live DJ's Pep, Soul Sam, Bill Baker, John Farrell, EMI/Motown Stevie Wonder & Willie Hutch LP's; Queen Mary Ballroom, Dudley, Neil Ruston, Bill Baker, Pep, Basil Carl Dean,Colin Curtis; Corn Exchange, Cambridge (Doris Duke live, Freddie Mac, Eddie Floyd, Flirtations); West Midland Soul Club Tiffany's, Halesowen (Pep, Steve Russell, Mick Flello & Joe Bragg); Samantha's, Sheffield (Revival All-Niter John Vincent, Martyn Ellis, Richard Searling, Twink); Magee postal boutique, Bowing shirts & baggy trousers etc; Jimmy James agent; Central, Leeds (DJ's: Frank Twink & Keith); Halifax Tiffany's Frank n Twink Richard Searing & John Vincent.
UK Soul Charts
Top 60 singles: 1- George McRae - Rock Your Baby, 60- Soul Brother's - Thank You For Loving Me.
Top 30 albums: 1- George McCrae - Rock Your Baby, 30- Bobby Bland California Album.
US Soul Charts
Top 100 singles: 1- My Thang - James Brown, 100- Syl Johnson - Let Yourself Go.
Top 50 albums: 1- Skin Tight - Ohio Players, 50- Mood Heart & Soul - Joe Simon.
New single reviews: Stevie Wonder - You Haven't Done Nothin; Smokey Robinson - Virgin Man; Chi Lites - You Got To Be One; Donnie Elbert - Love Is Strange; Greg Perry - The Boogie Man; Syl Johnson- Please Don't Give Up On Me; Sweet Charles - Soul man; George McCrae - Take It All Off.
New album reviews: Southside Movement - Same; Bettye Cruther - Long As You Love Me; Johnny Bristol - Hang On In There; Undisputed Truth - Down To Earth; Commodores - Machine Gun; Funkadelic - Standing On The verge of Getting It In.
Readers letters: None
Frank Elson 'Checkin' Out': Intercity Soul Club, Chris Hill leaves UK, Best Of Enemies, What Competition, Sounds, Bits & Pieces, Francis T talks, Blue Max at 67 Club now.
Misc: 40 pages now in B&S. Summer Festivals Report. Swanking... Reggae page: Prince Buster, Top 20 Singles: 1- Ken Boothe - Everything I Own, 20- Fist Of Fury - King Scratch. Top 20 Albums: 1- Rasta Revolution - Bob Marley, 10- For The Good Times - Now Generation.
Singles & Albums reviewed.
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